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Beaver Plants Ltd

We are a family run company that has been supplying garden centres, nurseries and landscape projects all over the UK for over 50 years.

We grow over 2.5 million plants on our 60 acre nursery and wetland site in Surrey. Initially only growing water plants we expanded 20 years ago into growing many plants for the garden.

We specialise in cannas, ferns, hostas and exotic plants (under our Lifestyle brand) as well as growing grasses and perennials.

If you would like any information please contact our sales team using the contact us page.

Equisetum Japonicum
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We produce an availability List/Order form at the end of each week. Use the links in the header to download the most recent one.

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Garden centre & nursery orders received by midday monday will be delivered the same week. We can send orders for planting direct to site on overnight courier.

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Aquatics and Garden Plants

Order from either of our ranges to make your minimum order of 1 full CC trolley.

Hottonia Palustris

Top Selling Plants

Below are the top selling plants at the moment. These are looking at their best and will outsell other varieties.

Make sure you have all of these in your display!

Cyperus Alternifolius
Umbrella Sedge
Dryopteris Erythrosora
Autumn fern
Houttuynia cordata Variegata
Harlequin plant
Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria
Red cardinal
Myriophyllum Red Stem
Red stemmed Parrots Feather
Pontederia cordata
Pickeral weed
Planted Lake