Aponogeton Distachyum
Water Hawthorn

Height: Short

Planting Zone: 4

A favourite pond plant, the Water Hawthorn is sweetly scented and free flowering. It is a deep water aquatic, growing in 10 to 90 cm of water. Green oval leaves float on the water surface; the unusual white flowers grace the pond in April and May.It originates from South Africa where the edible bulbs are an important food source.

This medium deep marginal plant offers fragrant white flowers throughout most of the year (dies back July/August). Water hawthorn will cover an area of apprx. 70 – 120cm, once established. Submerge plant at a shallower depth for 3-4 weeks, then place at required depth (see label) KEEP AWAY FROM MOVING WATER. Feed with slow release fertiliser in early spring.

Planting Depth – 30 – 90cm
Flowering Time – January – July, October – December