Houttuynia cordata Variegata
Harlequin plant

Height: Medium

Planting Zone: 1

Top Selling Plant

This is a variegated form of the ‘€˜Orange Peel Plant’€™, so called as the leaves give off the scent of orange peel when crushed. The Harlequin, or Chameleon, plant is grown for it’€™s wonderful foliage, leaves are variegated in green, yellow and red. It is an excellent plant for the garden; growing to only about 15 cm in height, it compliments taller species, or adds an eye-catching splash of colour along a border or wall bed. Small white flowers are produced in summer. Spreads by runners. Prefers moist soil and benefits from mulch in winter. As a pond plant it can be grown in moist soil at the ponside or in zone 2 as a marginal plant, adding colour and interest to pond planting. This marginal is also very suited to the garden border, water well initially and then treat as any other Perennial.