Typha laxmanii
Slender reedmace

Height: Tall

Planting Zone: 2 - 3

This is a tall, graceful member of the reedmace family, coming from South East Europe. It can be planted up to 40 cm deep and is a good filtration plant. Reedmace is often wrongly called ‘bullrush’; the flower heads of slender brown pokers are produced in late summer. Reedmace is a useful plant: the leaves and stems are used for thatching and for mats and baskets, the down from the seed heads to stuff pillows and cushions, the roots can be boiled or roasted and eaten. The tall emergent leaves are useful to pond insects such as emerging dragonflies. Plant in a large container using aquatic soil and covering with pea gravel. Trim decaying foliage in autumn