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Availability List Date: 19/02/2024
Availability List Type: Aquatics
Title: New 1L Waterlilies

Aquatic Availability List

19.02.2024   WK8


Dear Customer,

At last the new season is now upon us and owing to a very early Easter weekend, we encourage you to stock up early, to enable your sales to gain traction.

Please remember all of our potted plants are guaranteed hardy against inclement weather.

As a company we are always striving to improve our service to you as well as our product range and quality.

Moving forward


NEW TO 2024

1L Deep Water
Limited Stocks (photos available upon request)

Name Barcode Nett Price Outers
Nuphar Luteum  8712815038209 £5.75 x4
Orontium Aquaticum 8712815038209 £5.75 x4


1L Waterlilies by colourLimited
(photos availabe
upon request)

Name Barcode Nett Price Outers
Red Waterlily 5021353014204 £7.75 x4
Yellow Waterlily 5021353014198 £7.75 x4
White Waterlily 5021353014174 £7.75 x4
Pink Waterlily 5021353014181 £7.75 x4
Small Copper Waterlily 5021353003345 £10.60 x4


Floating Tubs in outers of x10 at £2.14 each, x50 per shelf

Menyanthes Trifoliata – in outers of x10



Oxy Tubs in outers of x8 at £2.14 each Nett Price, x40 per shelf – SOLD OUT

We will have good stocks come Easter Week!

 Ceratophyllum Demersum – in outers of x8 – Barcode: 5021353015805


Elodea Densa –
in outers of x8 – Barcode: 5021353015805


NEW Early Season Trolley Deal

this comprises of;
190x 1L Marginals

60x 1L Oxygenators,

36x Gardeners Choice & Oxy

4x 8L Planted Contours

Trade trolley total = £911.40

10% discounted trolley total = £820.00

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We need ALL orders by Monday at 12pm, to guarantee same week delivery!


Aquatic Trolley Deal list

Aquatic Availability list 

Catalogue 2024

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x120 bags of 10L per pallet @ £375.60 per pallet. £3.13 per bag. Delivery inclusive

  x60 bags of 20L per pallet @ £318.6 per pallet. £5.31 per bag. Delivery inclusive

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