Supplying Garden Centres

Beaver Plants supplies over 700 Garden Centres, Nurseries, Landscape designers & professional gardeners. We have a large range of Water Plants, Grasses, Hostas, Ferns, Perennials and our own brand of Lifestyle Plants, which we can deliver to you quickly and free of charge for orders of 1x full CC trolley or more.

If you are not covered by one of our representatives our sales team would be happy to assist you by phone or email. Please contact on 01342 833 144 or


We aim to make the ordering process as simple as possible. As well as a comprehensive trade catalogue we produce a looking good list / order form each week, which can be emailed to you or downloaded from this website (see downloads).

The looking good list has been developed to make ordering simple and quick. The list is separated into each plant section (i.e. marginals or waterlilies etc. for aquatics and grasses or perennials etc. for our garden plants range) and displays tray sizes, prices, whether in bud or flower and their present quality. Each section also has an assorted option where we will select the best plants available.

Alternatively, choose one of our discounted trolley deals for a selections of marginals, oxygenators and waterlilies.

Availability / Ordering Form

Our availability list included a 'trolley building' to help you complete your order. Use this system to ensure your order is a full trolley to receive free delivery.


Delivery is normally free subject to minimum order of 1x full trolley (usually a base and x5 shelves) to Mainland UK.

Your order will be delivered either on our own fleet of trucks or with a specialist horticultural transporter. Smaller orders will be subject to a carriage charge.

Orders received by 12pm on Monday will be delivered the same week to the mainland UK. Deliveries are made on tagged CC Danish trolleys.


At Beaver we like to keep things simple, that's why each plant range has only one price point and barcode per size. We also display the prices for each item on the looking good order list to help you total your order.

We also offer numerous trolley deals with up to 10% discount and free delivery. These not only save you money, they also make ordering easier and allow us to select the best-looking stock.

For our full price list please contact our sales team on 01342 833 144.

Products - Aquatics

1L Marginal / Oxygenator
1L Marginals and Oxygenators are the most popular size. These should comprise around 50% of your display. We stock up to 100 varieties of marginals and around 10 oxygenators. Make sure you stock the top selling varieties.
Gardeners Choice
This very popular range of water plants includes all the top selling aquatic plants. With a larger basket than the 1L range these offers the customer a larger more established plant.
Planted Contour Basket
Planted colours are a very popular mixed planted basket. They offer the customer 3-4 different plants in a large basket that can be placed straight in the pond.
Floating Plant Tub
Floating tubs is the easiest way to sell floating plants. They come with a barcoded picture label in trays of 10.
Planted Floating Island
Planted Floating Islands are an excellent way to increase the planting area of a pond. These comprise a planted 2L basket with a floating ring.
We offer waterlilies in 1L, 2L and larger sizes. Most garden centres sell waterlilies by colour, we also offer named waterlilies for customers that wish to choose specific vareities.
2L Garden Plants
All of our garden plants are offered in our 2L range. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to view each range.
5L Garden Plants
Our 5L range of high impact garden plants has proved very popular. This range includes Bananas, Cananas, ferns and grasses.
5.5L Terra Cotta Range
This new range introduced in 2023 has sold faster than we can produce them. Offering a large established plant in a terra cotta pot this product is the perfect impulse sale.