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Availability List Date: 08/07/2024
Availability List Type: Aquatics
Title: Many plants in flower

Aquatic Plants Availability List

08.07.2024 Week 28

Please order by 12pm Monday to guarantee same week delviery.

We aniticapate a nice warm week next week, so make sure you are well stocked.

We have some lovely plants now in bud/flower be sure to check out our flowering 1L range including; Alisma Plantago, Cotula, Cyperus Percamenthus, Lobelia Fan Scarlet, Myosotis, Ranunculus Flammula & Sisyrinchium.

Gardeners choice (2L) flowering range to include; Carex, Cyperus, Sagittaria Latifolia.

Please use the buttons below to download this weeks availability list. If you have trouble downloading it, please view it on our website using the link at the top
of this email or contact us at orders@beaverplants.co.uk.

New Email Layout and Website This week we are launching a new layout for our weekly availability list email and our new

Both our weekly emails and website will expand over the season with new products, offers and information to help you stock the best selling plants.

New 2L & 5L Canna

2L in outers of 3 at £4.18 each, soon to be in bud/flower, see page 2

5L in outers of 2 at £7.00 each, now in bud/flower, see page 3



New Tulbaghia Violacea 2L (Gardeners choice) now in bud/flower – in outers of 3 at £4.18 each, see page 3.


Lobelia Specisoa Fan Scarlet 1L in bud/flower also available in 2L- 1L in outers of x10 at £2.88 each, see page 1. 2L in outers of x3 at £4.18 each, see page 3.

Floating Tubs

Myosotis Palustris 1L in bud/flower – in outers of x10 at £2.88 each, see page 1.

Floating Tubs

Pontederia Cordata & Lanceolata – Available in 1L/2L in bud/flower.
We also have Pontederia cordata ‘Alba’ available in 2L. 1L see page 2 and 2L see page 3.
Floating TubsCyperus Percamenthus 1L. 2L & 5L in bud/flower – 1L outers of 10 at £2.88 each, see page 1. 2L outers of 3 at £4.18 each, see page 3. 5L outers of 2 at £7.00 each, see page 3.Floating Tubs

2L Waterlilies

Don’t miss out we have Nymphaea Marlicaea Carnea and Ororata Sulphurea in bud/flower

With other varieties soon to come into bud/flower

Aquatic Compost

10L Bags x 120 per pallet @ £375.60 per pallet £3.13 per bag including delivery

20L Bags x 60 per pallet @ £318.60 per pallet £5.31 per bag including delivery

See the last page of the availability list to order, or email us at orders@beaverplants.co.uk

Garden Plants

We also grow Bananas, Cannas, Ferns, Grasses, Hostas, Perennials and more. Can mix with aquatics
for free delviery.

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